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The Medical Grade Purification Tech

Medical Grade HEPA

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To eliminate the solid pollutants in the air such as pollen, dust, and smoke, b-MOLA employs a Medical Grade HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is a highly efficient shield to trap the particles in and only needs to be replaced around once a year.

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Put a b-MOLA in any room or car and never worry about allergy season again. With a single HEPA filter, it can capture any allergenic pollen, PM2.5, and smoke for 6 months all the way up to 18 months; the average is 12 months. Just place it in any room or space and let b-Mola take care of the rest.

     NCCO Reactor

(Nano  Confined Catalytic Oxidation)

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NCCO is short for Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation. Instead of absorbing the chemical pollutants like traditional air purification technology, NCCO sanitizes up to 99.97% of harmful air and smells. Instantly destroy any room odor and air pollutants with b-MOLA with its patented NCCO technology.

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Conventional air purifiers, such as active charcoal, can only absorb but do not decompose of the pollutants. As a result, it can only last about 3 months. Once the filter is saturated, the absorbed pollutants will be released back into the air and cause “secondary pollution,” which can be very harmful to your health. In contrast, NCCO decomposes pollutants and can last 12 years without being replaced.

b-mola NCCO pics1.jpg

NCCO is so effective and cost saving, it is used in many hospitals, banks, metro stations, and other public areas.

Active Oxygen Generator


The first air purifier equipped with an active oxygen generator, the b-MOLA Go can kill 99.7% of all bacterias and viruses by adsorbing it into the HEPA filter. Unlike traditional UV-C and OZONE air purifier, active oxygen is safe and can be decomposed by NCCO filters; causing no harm to humans.

This technology has been used to protect people from infections in hospitals.

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