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Tech Background 

Ph.D. students from HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) invented the NCCO technology to purify the air they were taking in daily. However, seeing an opportunity for commercialization, the original b-MOLA team introduced it to a greater Hong Kong market.

b-mola background 1.jpg

It was first implemented in hospitals and medical labs to kill bacterias, viruses, and clean formalin odors in rooms and bathrooms. The effective result and saving cost made the hospital's client very satisfied. After a few years testing, more than 100 hospitals, metro station, and banks used the NCCO tech to purify the air.

b-molabackground pics2.jpg

NCCO tech in banks and metro stations.

After much positive feedback and successful experience in public industry, b-MOLA was created. NCCO technology was then implemented in landfills and now into consumer homes currently.

bmola background pics3.jpg

b-MOLA's lab in Hong Kong.


bmola background pics4.jpg

The Production Status

bmola background pics5jpg.jpg

We had finished the final trial production in the factory. Now it's ready for the mass production. We will start to produce the first  batch of products in the early of this month. We plan to produce all the units in this month and ship it out at Dec.

                                              Risks And Challenges

Before launching our project on Indiegogo, we have already conducted two pilot productions as well as send our products to friends and professional photographers for testing and reviewing. We have improved the deficiency of the product design based on their feedback and suggestions.

Apart from that, we’ve also built out a specific plan for our manufacturing process. So we have confidence in shipping the b-MOLA GO on time. If there are any changes due to materials, suppliers, or unforeseen events, we’ll ensure that we keep each of our supporters fully updated. Now, we had finalized the trial production and are ready to start the mass production, but we need your support. Your support not only gives us the ability to start mass production and build the best products we can imagine but allows us to continue to work on new ideas.

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